HDR defense – Julien Henri

6th January 2022 at 2 pm

Biologie Synthétique et Systémique des Microalgues
Laboratoire de Biologie Computationnelle et Quantitative
Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine

Structural and functional studies of multiprotein assemblies of eukaryotic gene expression and carbon metabolism

Jury : Dr. Brigitte Gontero-Meunier
CNRS, Institut de Microbiologie de la Méditerranée

Pr. Sylvie Nessler
Université Paris Saclay, Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule

Pr. Nicolas Rouhier
Université de Lorraine, Laboratoire Interactions Arbres Micro-organismes

Pr. Arnould Savouré
Sorbonne Université, Institut d’Ecologie et des Sciences de l’Environnement de Paris

Dr. Olivier Vallon
CNRS, Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique

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ID de réunion : 856 4010 4447
Code secret : 897676

Protein biogenesis through gene expression is an essential function of living cells. The molecular
mechanisms that execute it are controlled by a set of factors that collectively perform complementary
functions, often in the context of multiprotein complexes. By studying the quality controls of gene
expression, I analyzed the interactions of the TRAMP complex with the RNA exosome, the Dom34-Hbs1 pair
that target translationally arrested ribosomes, and the joint function of Tpa1 and Ett1 in translation
termination. I described the interactions of the HSP molecular chaperones with the R2TP complex that
organizes the loading of protein subunits for their macromolecular assembling. During my recent projects
initiated on the metabolism of photosynthesis, we have undertaken a systematic characterization of the
chloroplastic Calvin-Benson enzymes by X-ray crystallography in order to map the sites of post-translational
modifications modulating their catalytic capacities. We are searching for allosteric mechanisms or
metabolic channelings among the multiple interactions that these enzymes exert between themselves and
with their regulators.