​ Théo Le Moigne – PhD defensis

“Structures and interactions of Calvin-Benson-Bassham cycle enzymes” under the direction of Julien Henri.  Ph.D defense which will take place on Tuesday October 4th at 2pm in the Bilski-Pasquier amphitheatre of the Campus des Cordeliers,  15-21 rue de l’École-de-médecine in IBPC’s Read more

2 Post-Doc positions

You are looking for a job, two post-doctoral positions are available in our laboratory: http://lbmce.ibpc.fr/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/AdPostdocTeixeira2.pdf http://lbmce.ibpc.fr/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/AdPostdocBENARD-20220105.docx To apply, see the COFUND FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME


Call 3 opens with 2 post-doc positions. Application deadline : 13th October 2022 More information: http://labexdynamo.ibpc.fr/fp-dynamo-paris/ …… Submission to : dynamocofund@ibpc.fr #dynamocofund#fpdynamoparis#call https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/FR550-MAGTOR-016/Default.aspx?lang=EN https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/FR550-MAGTOR-015/Default.aspx?lang=EN

New publication of LBMCE

“How abiotic stress–induced socialization leads to the formation of massive aggregates in Chlamydomonas” Félix de Carpentier, Alexandre Maes, Christophe H Marchand, Céline Chung, Cyrielle Durand, Pierre Crozet, Stéphane D Lemaire, Antoine Danon Read it on : https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35775951/


Call 2 opens with 3 post-doc positions. Application deadline : 27th March 2022 More information: http://labexdynamo.ibpc.fr/fp-dynamo-paris/ …… Submission to : dynamocofund@ibpc.fr #dynamocofund#fpdynamoparis#call https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/FR550-MAGTOR-007/Default.aspx?lang=EN https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/FR550-MAGTOR-002/Default.aspx?lang=EN https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/FR550-MAGTOR-001/Default.aspx?lang=EN