FP-DYNAMO-PARIS Postdoc in Membrane Dynamics and Post-Translational Modifications and Molecular Chaperones and Macromolecular Assemblies Biogenesis teams

Call 2 opens in January 2022

Applications will open for a Postdoctoral Research position in the laboratories of Dr. Mickaël Cohen and Dr. Philippe Meyer, located in the central Paris to undertake a basic research project to characterize the mechanisms involved in mitochondrial fusion.

Projects in our team focus on mitochondrial dynamics with a specific interest on the mechanistic dissection of homotypic fusion of mitochondrial outer membranes. Our strategy is to decompose this process at the level of the cell on the whole mitochondrial network, at the level of the organelle on isolated mitochondria and at the level of the molecules on the molecular machinery promoting mitochondrial fusion. We thus analyze fusion of mitochondrial outer membranes at the scale of single molecules and expand its investigation toward its impact on the whole mitochondrial network. We combine the power of budding yeast genetics and cell biology with state-of-the-art imaging techniques, biochemistry and structural analysis of proteins by X-ray crystallography.

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cohen AT ibpc DOT fr and meyer AT ibpc DOT fr