Oznur Ozturk – PhD defensis

“Dissection of ERMES functions during mitophagy in the yeast S. cerevisiae”

under the direction of Naïma Belgareh. 

Ph.D defense which will take place on Thursday March 16, 2023 at 2 p.m. in the library of IBPC

In the yeast S. cerevisiae, the ERMES complex (ER Mitochondria Encounter Complex) is involved in the
establishment of contacts between the ER and the mitochondria. It is composed of several membrane proteins
including Mmm1 in the ER, Mdm34 and Mdm10 on the outer mitochondrial membrane and a soluble protein
Mdm12, which connects the two structures. Our laboratory has shown that two components of the ERMES
complex, Mdm34 and Mdm12, are ubiquitinated by the ubiquitin ligase Rsp5, in particular, after mitophagy
induction. They also showed that this ubiquitination is necessary for efficient mitophagy and that a defect of
ubiquitination of the ERMES complex reduces mitophagy.
During my thesis, I tried to understand how the ubiquitination of the ERMES complex could affect/regulate
mitophagy. Overall, our results provide new insights into the molecular mechanism of ERMES action during
Keywords: Contacts, ERMES, Mitophagy, Ubiquitination

The defense will take place in front of a jury composed of :

  • DEVAUX Frédéric: PR, SU, Paris (Chairman)
  • CAMOUGRAND Nadine: DR, CNRS, Bordeaux (Reporter)
  • REGGIORI Fulvio Mario, PR, University of Aarhus, Denmark (Reporteur)
  • GIORDANO Francesca, CR, INSERM, Gif-sur-Yvette (Examiner)
  • Emmanuel CULETTO, MCF, Paris-Saclay University (Examiner)
  • BELGAREH-TOUZE Naïma: CR, CNRS, Paris (Thesis supervisor)
  • COHEN Mickael, DR, CNRS, Paris (Team Director)